Hello World

Hello World

Aaaand breath... It feels so amazing to be alive!

Our brand new organic cotton unisex classic T-shirts are out and available. We feel so chuffed that we are already receiving a huge support!

We are so proud of our business model which revolves around the fact that every time you purchase from us a whole chain of awesome goodness is triggered.

You are not just buying a beautifully designed garment that will make you stand out but you are supporting a supply chain that treats everyone fairly, from the GOTS certified organic cotton plantations in the North of India to the printing facilities in the UK.

Then we plant a tree on your behalf to be really carbon positive, as if the highest environmental standards in our supply chain weren't enough. Then we donate 20% of our profits to the Trussell Trust in support of UK food banks. 

Fashion is desperate for a new beginning and we are here to initiate this change. Sustainable fashion is not a trend or a luxury, it's a necessity. 

 You can check out our collections now.