Happy World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day!

Today is World Environment Day, yay!

So what we do today is reading up and think about our direct actions to minimise and reverse our own impact on the environment as a business and as individuals. These things are in fact at the core of our ethos but we wanted just another excuse to celebrate our planet and raise the awareness further.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals got it pretty much covered in terms of environmental impact, from Climate Action (hello??!) to Life Below Water and Life on Land but there is a lot more to them. They can be used as a frame of reference for governments and businesses (or normal people?) for action. Yeah, action is the key word.

As individuals there's a lot we can do at home without being massive Eco Warriors. We can choose brands that make a real effort for the environment and sustainability in general. Just saying.

We love streetwear and cool fashion but just because we are bad ass kids it doesn't mean we shouldn't do some good. It's time to wake up.

The Story speaks for us at ZeroTee.